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  • Unique Virtual Experience designed to inspire + improve people who want to make an impact in the early education space
  • Professional Development Workshop Bundle with 28 hours for administrators + 14 hours for educators inside the VIP Vault (for $3+ a course!)
  • Owners + Executive Directors of Early Childhood Centers

  • Directors + Administrators of Faith-Based or NPO Preschools

  • Leaders of Early Education Programs + Communities

  • Teachers + Childcare Providers

Whether in the office or the classroom, the trainings inside of this FREE Virtual Summit will give you the tools you need to truly thrive!

27 Highly Acclaimed, Award-Winning Leaders in Business + Education spill their secret sauce to help you level up in 3 key strategic areas:



Early Education


Get ready for these highly sought-after speakers to rock your world!

The Speakers

Dr. Kelly Cagle

Educational Researcher

Noelle D'Intino

Early Education Expert, Mastermind Leader

Dr. Teri DeLucca

Founder & CEO of Impact Early Education

Brian & Carol Duprey

Child Care Genius Founders

Veronica Green

Early Childhood Consultant & Mentor

Adva Hanan

Educator | Teacher Coach | Speaker

Maryann "Mar." Harman

Founder of Music with Mar./Educational Consultant

Monica Healer

Executive Director

Evelyn Knight

CEO/ Founder

Shira Leibowitz

Founder and CEO, Revabilities Leadership Training Center and Discovery Village Childcare Center and Preschool

vernon (1)
Vernon Mason

Author, Humorist, Inspiring Keynote Speaker and Workshop Trainer Extraordinaire

Kerran Menzies

VP Client Services

Amanda Morgan

Trainer, Speaker, Consultant, and Creator of Not Just Cute

Mr. Ty

The Childcare Whisperer

Sam Phillips

Child Care Insurance Agent

Summer Picha

COO + Founder of Conscious Classroom Certification

Prerna Richards

CEO & Founder

Ruth Ann Rose


Sierra Rossing

Head of Marketing

Sara Schreiner


Rachel Supalla M. Ed.

Founder and CEO Vision Tree Leadership and Discovery Schools

Scott Wayman

Founder & CEO

Nick Williams

Founder of Child Care Business Growth

Chanie Wilschanski

CEO and Founder of Schools of Excellence

Susan Wright

Founder | Nurtured Inspirations

April Zajko, M.Ed.

Nature Based Early Childhood Educator, Trainer & Consultant

Rave Reviews

I just wanted to let you know HOW MUCH I enjoyed all of the training videos. I will have to be honest, I originally signed up just to get my hours – HOWEVER – when I went back to watch them – I am SO GLAD I purchased the VIP package to re-watch them in full length. Just wanted to send a sincere THANK YOU for putting this together.

– Allison Rashley | Director

Thank you so much! I action-packed summit was sooo worth my investment! Your trainers are an awesome bunch. Like WOW! I plan to share your Leaders Lounge with my ECE community! What a phenomenal job you all have done! 🥰🥰🥰

– Susan Valencik-Juarez | Early Education Consultant

This training is a WEALTH of INFORMATION and it helps BOTH the directors and the teachers! 🥳 Waiting for MORE trainings in the future! 🥰 God bless you and your business! 😇😘

– Teacher David Su

I'm on 🔥🔥🔥 after watching the presentations in the Leader's Lounge! My heart, my vision, my calling. ❤ Thank you Presenters & Beth!

– Erin McElroy | Early Education Entrepreneur


Meet Your Host!

Hey there!

I'm Beth! I’ve spent 25 years helping early education business leaders gain the clarity and confidence they need to transform their staff into a high-performing team through speaking at conferences as a keynote or workshop presenter, business and leadership professional development, and onsite or online team training.

My experience has shown me that leaders (owners, operators and directors) need connection and community PLUS strategies and systems to thrive AND your team needs staff development that is NOT a drag.

I created this summit for you by hand-picking LEGIT professionals who are going to WOW you with their messaging and challenge you to be better for yourself, your team and your business. I am so honored to bring this experience to you because I know it will be life-changing as you implement and apply the goodness you will learn in these 4 days.

Strategically Set Your Year Up For Success

When you dive into this FREE Summit, be prepared to go from scattered to savvy with the systems and strategies you can implement NOW – ACCESS ALL 28 SESSION RECORDINGS  & UNLOCK $10,000 IN BONUSES PLUS YOUR PD CERTIFICATE!


Frustrated because you consistently have more month than money?  Learn how to grow your center AND your team here!

Feeling like you can never be enough for your own family, your team and your school families?  Learn time-saving strategies for operations, marketing, and management.

Overwhelmed by helping your teachers navigate behavior with kids. and just want to help them slay their days?  Get actionable strategies for creating a regulated and FUN environment.

Whatever it is for you, it's time to simplify your operation with the tips, tools, and tricks our speakers will teach you!

Don't Miss Out


Summit Timeline

Leadership Track: DAY 1

  • Beth Cannon

    “No Fear Feedback”

  • Summer Picha

    “Mastering Conflict Resolution: Effective Strategies for ECE Leaders”

  • Sierra Rossing

    “Keys to Attracting, Hiring, & Retaining Your All-Star Team”

  • Rachel Supalla M. Ed.

    “Middle Bench Mastery: The Missing Piece to Business Success Through Empowering Mentorship”

  • Scott Wayman

    “The Power of Resilience in Leadership”

  • Nick Williams

    “A.I. Tools to Stay Ahead of the Competition and Buy You Back More Time…”

  • Chanie Wilschanski

    “Building Confidence & Distress Tolerance Toolkit”

Leadership Track: DAY 2

  • Noelle D'Intino

    "Ignite and Inspire Staff Meetings: Fuel Your Teachers' Passion for Early Education"

  • Brian and Carol Duprey

    “Profitability Killing Blind Spots in Your Child Car Business”

  • Evelyn Knight

    “Identifying Covert Toxicity: Unmasking the Hidden”

  • Shira Leibowitz

    “Stand Out Leadership Teams”

  • Kerran Menzies

    “Unlocking Excellence: Data-Driven Strategies for Childcare Operational Performance.”

  • Ruth Ann Rose

    “Your Route To Lead Generation: Where To Begin”

  • Sara Schreiner

    “Rumor Has It: Rethinking Gossip in the Workplace”

Teacher Track: DAY 3

  • Noelle D'Intino

    “Enhance Classroom Management Skills With The Schedule Breakdown”

  • Dr. Teri DeLucca

    “From Awkward to Awesome: Masterful Communication Strategies”

  • Adva Hanan

    Mastering the Art of Classroom Management: Strategies for Effective Teaching + Learning”

  • Maryann "Mar." Harman

    “Building Brains with Music”
  • Monica Healer

    “Creating Lasting Impressions: It’s the Little Things”

  • Vernon Mason

    “Controlled Chaos: Practical Steps to Improve your staff’s Classroom Behavior Management”

  • Prerna Richards

    “Transform your classroom from Chaos to Calm”

Teacher Track: DAY 4

  • Dr. Kelly Cagle

    “How to Spot Students' Gifts”

  • Veronica Green

    “Connecting Loose Parts Play Across The Domains - Using Canva To Make The Learning Visible”

  • Amanda Morgan

    “Why We Play - Clarify your method, your messaging, and your marketing.”

  • Mr. Ty

    “Culture in the Classroom”

  • Sam Phillips

    “Compliance Affects Insurance - Why The Whole Team Should Care”

  • Susan Wright

    “A Reggio Emilia-Informed Pathway to Cultivate a Culture of Pedagogical Leadership”

  • April Zajko, M.Ed.

    “Outdoor Classrooms without Overwhelm”



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