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VIP Bonuses for Owners + Directors

“Earn Your Learning” with 24 Hours of Professional Development PLUS gain access to over $10,000 in bonuses and prizes!


The attendees will receive a $3,000 scholarship (discount) towards accreditation assistance and services. Prices vary for facility type whether they are a home or center. The services include consultation, monthly meetings, 2 staff preparation meetings and 3 in person facility visits. Prices start at $5,000 and up-to $20,000 for assistance for national accreditation.

Plan Your Year Bootcamp

This 3 Day Bootcamp is designed to help you create and/or review your annual plan to make sure you have the most successful 2022 in childcare possible. 3 Day Bootcamp and Success Pack includes: 3 DAY Training Video or Attend Live Feb 7-10th 3 DAY Bootcamp Success Guide 2022 SWOT Analysis Template​Template Childcare Annual Plan

One-on-One Consultation

Start improving your childcare business today. Claim a 45-minute free consultation to identify your biggest operational risks.

Group Coaching Program

As a member of our Childcare Business Professionals Mastermind program, you will have access to all training classes offered by Child Care Business Professionals. You will receive weekly guided, group coaching which will include instruction on how to structure your program.  Each month you will receive a tool that I use in my centers. These tools are important items needed for the successful operation of a child care company. We will use these tools in order to constructor your program management system.

Live Masterclass + Q&A

Based on a popular series of posts by the same name, this presentation uses a simple metaphor to focus on societal trends pushing curriculum and expectations further and further down to our youngest children. Rooted in the belief that these changes have been made with the best of intentions, but not the best information, this presentation works to lay out the facts of how children are meant to learn and why respecting the process of development is always appropriate. Demystify DAP: Learn how to define DAP simply and in a way you can apply clearly. Learn What's at Stake: Why not try to get children to do a little more a little sooner? We'll discuss what's really at stake. Build Advocacy: Learn the facts that will help you correct misguided assumptions and stand up for children and childhood. Q&A: Stay after the Masterclass for a Q&A with Amanda Morgan. Limited Recording Available: If you aren't able to come live, you will be sent a recording that will be available for a limited time.

Digital Strategy Course

This is the perfect addition to your on-boarding process that will support your NEW hires with the right skills and strategies they need to be successful in their new settings within these 3 main areas; planning, behaviours and sensory needs. This toolkit is 7 hours of self paced professional development over 4 workshops that are designed to inspire, support and have them easily implement it into their practice. You’ll have all the tools and support you’ll need to track their progress and follow up with feedback. The best part is, it’s a ONE TIME fee that will grant you lifetime access to the toolkit. This means you can have your current and new educators go through these 4 workshops to have a unified message and engage with PD when it aligns with their time and energy. Plus they can repeat the workshops as often as they like or you like. There are companion resource guides to further their learning and support them directly in their everyday practice. Interested or have questions, simply email for more info or to set up a zoom call to discuss how this toolkit can support your team.

Leadership Seminar

In this interactive seminar with follow up group coaching experiences, Dr. Shira Leibowitz will support you to “put on your coaching hat” and use coaching techniques to help lead the teachers you supervise to higher levels of effectiveness. The seminar is designed based on Dr. Shira Leibowitz's first book The Coach Approach To School Leadership: Leading Teachers To Higher Levels of Effectiveness. You'll explore a range of topics including: reframing the leader's role, coaching techniques, building successful coaching relationships, giving feedback to increase effectiveness, managing your time, and transforming your school into a team. Designed as a full day workshop, we'll break the learning up into segments. You can attend live (via zoom) or watch the replay at your convenience. We'll follow up with several group coaching experiences supporting you to apply the learning from the seminar into your own work as a leader.

Software Services

Go paperless with 1Place Childcare software, so you can standardize process and compliance management in your early learning centers, and make best practice the new standard.

Our cloud-based application improves center and staff performance by making it easy to stay on top of the numerous forms and procedures you complete every day. Move your forms, checklists and processes online, for real-time visibility and improved productivity – whether you’re in the center or managing operations remotely.

Strategy Session

Noelle is offering a Special Event just for VIP Vault members. Mark your calendar for this date and time, and be sure not to miss this value-packed strategy session.

Strategy Session

Vernon is offering a Special Event just for VIP Vault members. Mark your calendar for this date and time, and be sure not to miss this value-packed strategy session.

One-on-One Strategy Call

Get a FREE one-on-one strategy call with Anisha Angella. This is an exclusive VIP coaching call with Early Childhood Coach, Consultant & Speaker Anisha Angella.

Software Services

Kangarootime is offering three months free on their leading, all-in-one childcare software! This recently redesigned software comes with all of the functionality you need to manage and grow your childcare business. The beautiful design and easy-to-use interface make onboarding and usability a breeze.

Strategy Session

Prerna is offering a Special Event just for VIP Vault members. Mark your calendar for this date and time, and be sure not to miss this value-packed strategy session.

Two Months Free

Authentic Interactions Program- Monthly private early educators group. The group is provided with professional coaching and development tools. It also Includes 2 hours of monthly ECE training and individual meetings with Ms. Melody to enhance classroom and center management growth. Rates in parenthesis are the regular cost. Individual Rates $19 ($ 29.99) Friend Rates (up to 7 people) $99. ($189.99) Group Rates (7-12 people) $159 ($299.99)

Strategy Session

Albert is offering a Special Event just for VIP Vault members.
Mark your calendar for this date and time, and be sure not to miss this value-packed strategy session.

Strategy Session

Heather is offering a Special Event just for VIP Vault members.
Mark your calendar for this date and time, and be sure not to miss this value-packed strategy session.

Group Coaching Program

The Exclusive, 8-week Intensive Group Experience for ECE Leaders, Stuck to Strategy Academy® is a group coaching program and the only implementation program of its kind designed to create a community to engage, equip and empower owners and directors with strategies, systems and support.

It’s not your average group coaching program – it’s a GUIDED EXPERIENCE, focused on providing you with business leadership tools that lead to true transformation for you and your team inside a community of like-minded, faith-filled, values-driven early education leaders.

$250 Value

Strategy Session

From general best practices to managing disruptive behaviors, this session will equip you with new ideas and solutions for handling the challenges of group instruction time (aka circle time).

Digital Course

Staff meetings are important to the growth and development of any child care team and business. When they are run in a collaborative and strategic manner, they have the ability to move in a forward trajectory while saving everyone time! In Mastering Child Care Meetings, you will go from feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed to feeling strategic and confident in your ability to lead an engaging and collaborative staff meeting while freeing up more time for other duties. Leaders Lounge VIP Vault Members receive a 50% discount on the FULL Mastering Child Care Meetings Course.
Use coupon code LEADERSLOUNGE at checkout

Digital Course

Become Your Own Classroom Guru is the only training that shows early childhood teachers how to become the confident leaders and teachers they have always envisioned being. It will help you to understand the steps to shift your mindset, create stronger more meaningful relationships, and become more reflective in your teaching practice.

Digital Work Sheets

Snag these 2 digital downloads from Child Care Site:

5 Steps To Start A Child Care Business
What To Do During Your Licensing Process

Digital Resource

Get Chanie's Scripts Workbook.

Classroom Resource

The Ultimate Alphabet Freebie Bundle is designed to skyrocket emergent literacy skills! These are tried and true activities I've used in my own classroom with great success. I want to share them with you because you, and your students, deserve to have more FUN in the classroom!

Digital Resources

Our partner Childcare Biz Help is providing 2 amazing assets:

P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Childcare Success Formula
Social Media Tool Kit