Speaker Assets

Final Deadline to submit:  November 1, 2022

THANK YOU for being a Speaker!
Please make sure you have everything gathered and ready to submit this form in its entirety before beginning.  Here is a sample form to remind you of the links and uploads you'll need.  ALL content must be submitted at once, and this page will not be accessible after Oct 21.

QUIZ - Please provide a 10 question quiz (making sure to mark correct answers) to test the users understanding of your presentation. Questions should be single choice (meaning there is only one correct answer). This includes both true/false questions, and listing 4 possible answers with only 1 being correct.

LEAD MAGNET (i.e. Checklist, Workbook, Template) - One FREE downloadable asset delivered via a link or landing page (this allows you to collect emails from those interested in your content and services). Everyone that attends the summit will receive this.

VIP VAULT ASSET ($100+) - A digital asset to sweeten the all-access VIP Pass - think free digital course, one month of membership, webinar, upgraded digital service, group coaching, $ off of one registration or a conference you have coming up. The idea here is to entice the summit attendees to purchase access to the VIP Vault in order to gain access to your offer and help you and the other speakers earn an affiliate commission.

DOOR PRIZE - This is ONE thing to go to ONE Person that will be a give-away for engagement in the summit (ex. a one-on-one coaching or consulting session, a premium course, one conference registration, one book, one premium course).