These world-class experts have the best tips, tricks, and strategies to help you build a thriving, profitable childcare business or preschool ministry. Each of these speakers normally charge consulting rates from $300-2,000 an hour. We say this not to impress you, but to show you the value of what they will share with you. Get ready to level up!

Dr. Kelly Cagle

With a PhD in education, Kelly is the founder of Dr. Kelly Cagle and the Parenting IQ podcast, where she teaches parents how to raise lifelong learners and use daily moments as learning opportunities by combining educational research and everyday life.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Child Growth and Development; Learning Environments; Responsive Interactions and Guidance

Teachers, learn how to spot students’ gifts to personalize services and activities to best serve and engage students. Administrators, this information can help you motivate your staff in new ways. Teachers and admins who are also parents, this theoretical framework can also revolutionize your own child’s school experiences!

Beth Cannon

Beth Cannon is an international speaker, educator and entrepreneur known for her passion for engaging leaders and inspiring teams. With 25+ years of experience in the education and business spaces, she is known for her niche in creating and teaching strategies and solutions through live or virtual experiences and retreats, and most recently…a digital course creator. In addition to leading thousands of educators each year through her professional development trainings, Beth leads a team of 40+ entertaining early educators through enrichment programs serving preschools and childcare centers – Stretch-n-Grow. She created the New Business Training Program and the Youth Fitness Certification for Stretch-n-Grow, International, and supports affiliates worldwide through curriculum and education. Beth has a Bachelors degree in Communications + Education Certification from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Business Structure; Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization; Human Resource Leadership; Operational Efficiency; Operations Management; Professional Development and Leadership

“No Fear Feedback” is not just about providing criticism; it’s about fostering a culture of open communication, growth, and trust within your team. Throughout this module, we explore the psychology behind fear in feedback and provide practical strategies to navigate these emotions effectively.

Get ready to engage in candid discussions about the fears that may be holding you back from delivering feedback with confidence. We’ll equip you with the tools to transform fear into constructive action, ensuring that your feedback becomes a catalyst for positive change.

  • Build Confidence: Break free from the fear of hurting feelings or causing resignations. Learn strategies to bolster your confidence in delivering feedback that promotes growth and positive change.
  • Effective Communication: Master the art of constructive communication in challenging situations. Acquire the skills to frame feedback in a way that is supportive, encouraging, and conducive to a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Courageous Leadership: Transform into a fearless childcare leader who embraces accountability. Develop the courage to initiate and navigate tough conversations, fostering a team culture that values open communication and professional development.

Speaker | Trainer | Entrepreneur
Beth Cannon Speaks | Leader's Lounge

Noelle D'Intino

Noelle D’Intino is an industry expert and visionary leader in early childhood education. With over 18 years of experience as a high-quality child care center owner, Noelle understands the intricacies of running a successful center and the importance of empowering educators. After a successful corporate and investment banking career, a life-altering layoff led Noelle on a transformative journey, co-founding ScribbleTime A Center For Early Learning, a 114-student center, with her sister Sarah. For the past 14 years, Noelle has been privileged to consult with child care centers nationwide, sharing the proven tools and resources from ScribbleTime to empower and enhance their centers through online membership, digital courses, and masterminds. Noelle’s vision of supporting teachers is now realized through the Teacher’s Lounge, where she supports child care educators through courses and a walkie-talkie app to mentor them directly.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Business Structure; Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization; Human Resource Leadership; Operational Efficiency; Operations Management; Professional Development and Leadership

Elevate your staff meetings to new heights with our “Ignite & Inspire” workshop. In today's fast-paced business world, effective staff meetings are essential for fostering teamwork, creativity, and productivity. This dynamic training program is designed to empower you and your team with the skills and strategies needed to transform routine meetings into engaging, inspiring, collaborative and results-driven gatherings plus some fun! Course Highlights: Unlock the Power of Engagement: Discover techniques to captivate your team, ensuring active participation and valuable contributions during meetings. Foster Collaborative Innovation: Learn how to create an environment that encourages creative thinking, problem-solving, and idea sharing among team members. Boost Morale and Motivation: Explore methods for inspiring and motivating your team, enhancing their sense of purpose and commitment. Effective Communication: Master the art of clear and persuasive communication to convey your message with impact and clarity. Practical Tools and Strategies: Gain access to a toolkit of practical tips, templates, and best practices to make your staff meetings more effective and enjoyable. Join me as we transform your staff meetings into dynamic sessions that ignite inspiration, foster collaboration, fuel your teacher's passion, and drive outstanding results. Elevate your leadership skills and empower your team with the “Ignite & Inspire at Staff Meetings” workshop.
The Schedule Breakdown, a method refined over 18 years to enhance classroom management and teamwork among teachers. Participants will learn to create detailed schedules outlining specific teacher responsibilities for each part of the day, aiding in workload distribution, reducing stress, and ensuring a cohesive, well-functioning classroom environment. Ideal for both new and experienced educators, this course provides practical tools to improve classroom dynamics and efficiency.

Dr. Teri DeLucca

Dr. Teri DeLucca is the Founder and CEO of Impact Early Education, a professional development institute for the preschool industry. She completed a dual PHD in developmental psychology and educational psychology from the University of Florida where her research focused on the cognitive, social, and academic development of children. She previously worked as a research scientist for a children’s early literacy intervention program and then accepted an applied position as Vice President of Operations for a system of preschools and extended day programs. Her work has been recognized by multiple awards including the Sigma Xi Women in Science Award, Academic Pediatric Association’s Young Investigator Award, the Institute of Education Sciences Randomized Trials Award, and most recently she was recognized as one of the Top 40 Under 40 Business Leaders locally. Dr. DeLucca is a member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team and is a John Maxwell certified speaker. She is also a graduate and certified speaker through the Speaking Your Brand Thought Leader Academy. Dr. DeLucca just completed her Presidency with The Junior Service League of St. Augustine, which is a local women’s volunteer organization. She enjoys serving the community both locally and abroad and her favorite volunteer endeavors are serving at a children’s home in Guatemala for several years and serving with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. She has been matched with her “Little” sister Hannah for 18 years now! Above all else, the most important role she has is that of mom to two wonderfully amazing boys, who never let her take life too seriously. Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Business Structure; Child Growth and Development; Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization; Human Resource Leadership; Learning Environments; Operational Efficiency; Operations Management; Professional Development and Leadership; Responsive Interactions and Guidance
Communication in all its forms is an essential component of working in the early education field. We’re communicating with supervisors, coworkers, children AND their families on a daily basis and thus need to make sure we have all the right tools in our tool box! Throughout this session, we will examine the things that need to be in place before you can become a better communicator. We will explore how you can build stronger connections as adults, which can be hard to do, then talk about specific communication strategies to use with parents in your classrooms and with coworkers so you can move past those awkward moments of difficult conversations and have more peaceful days!

Founder & CEO of Impact Early Education

Brian and Carol Duprey

Brian and Carol Duprey are two of the world’s leading experts on child care expansion, profitability, and mindset. With 27 years of experience opening 10 profitable child care centers in central Maine, certified child care coaches Brian and Carol have taken their knowledge and created Child Care Genius, the world’s #1 community for brilliant child care leaders. They are both Certified Child Care Coaches and Best-Selling Authors and have helped thousands of child care leaders grow their businesses through their coaching, podcast, books, blog, webinars, and online tools. Brian and Carol are both U.S. Navy Veterans, parents to 5 amazing children and 7 adorable grandchildren, and live in their dream home on Pushaw Lake in Central Maine.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Business Structure; Operational Efficiency; Operations Management

Join Certified Child Care Coaches Brian and Carol Duprey as they share the 14 costliest blind spots in your child care business.

Veronica Green

Veronica Green is an Early Childhood Education Consultant & Mentor who has been inspiring and supporting her fellow educators for the last 10 years. Utilizing her Bachelor's in Physical Education and Early Childhood Diploma, Veronica has used her experience and expertise in a variety of early learning programs from large centres to her own accredited dayhome; as well as within her 10 years of leadership roles. She is the founder of Cultivating Confidence – Early Years Consultancy and curates engaging online and live learning experiences for educators to infuse the magic of loose parts play, sensory processing, reggio inspired practice to support educators in their roles and continue to impact children's development. Her goal is to reinvent the village and cultivate a community of educators, children and their families that is strength-based, relationship focused and ignites creativity through play for all.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Child Growth and Development; Learning Environments

Explore how loose parts play nurtures children's development across various domains with real-life examples. Gain valuable resources to help you make those crucial connections and an introduction to using Canva as a tool to make learning visible. Join us in unlocking the full potential of play for children's growth and learning.

Educator | Teacher Coach | Speaker

Adva Hanan

Adva is an early childhood educator, teacher coach and speaker with almost a decade of experience teaching inside the classroom, working in preschool administration and as a camp director. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Education and a master's degree in education. She has specializations in Special Education and Educational Leadership. Adva runs her own small business where she helps teachers ignite their love for teaching and create a life they never thought possible. She is also the host of the Shaping Little Minds podcast, which you can find on Spotify and iTunes.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Child Growth and Development; Professional Development and Leadership

In this presentation on classroom management titled “Mastering the Art of Classroom Management: Strategies for Effective Teaching and Learning,” several key topics were discussed to empower educators in creating a positive and productive learning environment. The presentation covers various strategies for successful classroom management, including establishing clear and consistent rules, establishing expectations, and setting up routines.

Maryann "Mar." Harman

Maryann has a BA/Music and MA/Ed, emphasis in Early Childhood. She founded the international Music with Mar program. Her passion is combining brain research with music. Awards include 2 Parents’ Choice and John Lennon Songwriting Award. She has written music for the “I Love You Rituals” and LED Infant/Toddler Curriculum for Kaplan. Mar. has also done a TEDx talk, “Building Brains with Music” and has published a book of the same name.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Child Growth and Development; Professional Development and Leadership

Repeatedly, research has shown that music is the only activity that utilizes the entire brain. Combining that with knowing that the early years are the ones where we make the most difference, this workshop demonstrates through movement and activity how to use music to build brains. As early childhood educators, we are engineers / designers of brains! How exciting is that?

Founder of Music with Mar./Educational Consultant

Monica Healer

Monica is the Executive Director of the Early Childhood Christian Network. She has a broad range of experience in almost every level of early childhood education – from classroom teacher to administrator. Monica’s passion is to see young children learn about the Truth of God from birth! She believes administrators and staff should be equipped with the latest research-based training available in order to provide the highest quality experience for young children in their first school exposure. Monica has a BBA from Texas Tech University in Management Information Systems.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization; Human Resource Leadership; Learning Environments; Operations Management; Professional Development and Leadership

We all have experiences every day that really don’t leave much of an impression on us. Nothing terrible, but also, nothing extraordinary. Many times what takes an ordinary experience to an extraordinary experience is “the little things”. Let’s brainstorm a few “little things” you could adjust in your early childhood program that could take you from ordinary to extraordinary in this session.

Evelyn Knight

Evelyn Knight has represented ECE 2 times as a TEDx speaker. She specializes in empowering professionals in the field of early childhood education. Evelyn is a child care center owner, the host of The Childcare Business Coach Podcast as well as the founder and CEO of Child Care Business Professionals, an international company that focuses on empowering private child care centers. Evelyn is passionate about elevating the ECE field and is leading the charge in the ECE Revolution!

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization; Human Resource Leadership; Operational Efficiency; Operations Management; Professional Development and Leadership; Responsive Interactions and Guidance

Have you ever been in a situation that left you feeling really bad, but you couldn't quite figure out why? We are all aware of obvious toxic traits, but what about covert toxicity that can harm your mental health. In this session, I will guide you through a process to help you better understand how to identify and cope with covert toxicity.

Founder and CEO, Revabilities Leadership Training Center and Discovery Village Childcare Center and Preschool

Shira Leibowitz

Dr. Shira Leibowitz is founder and CEO of Discovery Village Childcare Center and Preschool and of Revabilities Educational Leadership Training Center. She is also a member of the faculty at Northeastern University, teaching and advising doctoral students in education. Prior to opening Discovery Village and Revabilities, Dr. Leibowitz served for twenty years as a principal of pre-kindergarten through eighth grade schools. She is author of The Coach Approach To School Leadership: Leading Teachers To Higher Levels of Effectiveness and Havens of Hope: Ideas for Redesigning Education From The COVID-19 Pandemic.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Business Structure; Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization; Learning Environments; Professional Development and Leadership

We'll dive into the heart of leadership . . . balancing vision and implementation with a stand out leadership team. Explore the vital roles leaders fill and ways of ensuring your team is highly impactful, so that your school can truly stand out by what you stand for.

Vernon Mason

He has been called the trifecta of childcare. Growing up in an “in-home” program. As his company grew, he has been the owner-director of small, medium, and large programs. After 28.5 years, including a decade of multi-site ownership, he sold his schools to a large regional provider. Along the way, Vernon completed a Master's in Early Childhood, wrote a couple of books, and became a popular speaker. Today Vernon is Senior Vice President of Development for The Nest Schools. Vernon is available to bring inspiring stories, humor and content to conferences, corporate functions and professional development events. Proud member of the National Speakers Association. vernondirectorsleadership@gmail.com Author of: Don't Go! A practical guide for tackling employee turnover. Get Out! But before you go…..Practical steps to turn your Zero into a Hero or set them free! Don’t Waste a Crisis! Turning Challenges into Catalyst for Success and Gratitude with Exceptional Mediocrity All available on Amazon

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Business Structure; Child Growth and Development; Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization; Human Resource Leadership; Learning Environments; Operational Efficiency; Operations Management; Professional Development and Leadership

Author, Humorist, Inspiring Keynote Speaker and Workshop Trainer Extraordinaire

Controlling a group of children can often seem like herding cats! We've all heard the description that “a well-run preschool classroom is controlled chaos.” Some of the trouble areas are transitions, overused rules, disciplining the whole class, and policing the children by overusing “no, don't quit and stop.” Vernon will share what he has learned from experts like Becky Bailey, the Environment Rating Scales, and from 30-plus years of experience as a director and owner. You will leave with practical steps to share with your staff to help your new and seasoned members become more positive and effective in the classroom. The takeaway is the tips on classroom management and rethinking why children behave as they do. They will never view children's behavior the same after this training.

Kerran Menzies

Kerran has a background in Telecommunications having worked with Telstra Clear and Digital Mobile in Quality Assurance roles and Business Development Management. She has experience with B2B Sales Management and Process Improvement executions. Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Business Structure; Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization; Operational Efficiency; Operations Management
A discussion with the 1Place CEO and VP of Client Services on the components of a data driven strategy.

Amanda Morgan

Amanda Morgan has been curious about how children think and learn ever since she was a child herself! After growing up and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in both Elementary and Early Childhood Education, as well as a Master of Science in Human Development, she taught in a variety of school settings, from preschoolers to professionals. Amanda is passionate about aligning what we know about how children grow and learn with what we do in the classroom. She works to close the gaps that exist between academia, decision-makers, educators, and parents so that we can all work together to improve early childhood education while also protecting and respecting the experience of childhood. Amanda advocates for developmentally appropriate practice and the power of play by writing, speaking, training, and creating resources on her site, Not Just Cute, as well as Not Just Cute, The Podcast.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Child Growth and Development; Learning Environments; Professional Development and Leadership

Play matters for whole child development. Many ECE folks know it, but struggle to articulate it. This presentation helps them find the words and the research so they can improve not only their practice, but also their advocacy and their marketing.

Trainer, Speaker, Consultant, and Creator of Not Just Cute

Mr. Ty

It was during a pandemic that God gave me a vision and the resources to birth a business. A native of South Carolina, I attended Voorhees College, in Denmark S.C, where I majored in Early Childhood Education. I believe that faith, passion, and education is the key to achieving all of your goals.​​My professional experience spans from managing privately-owned and corporate childcare centers with enrollments ranging from 80 to 200, and a staff of over 20 employees. Besides my experience as a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, Assistant Center Director, Director of Curriculum, and Center Director, I hold many years of hands-on experience, assisting my mother at her childcare center from my preteen to young adult years, prior to going away to college. Under the auspices of my mother, I learned how to serve with pristine integrity and to always remember that God is the key to all things; she groomed me for this. While in college, I also worked at a childcare center to continue my experience.​​To that end, I aim to empower directors while aiding them on the journey to take their centers to the next level of becoming the standard by which others are measured. I meditate on the awesome and exciting events that you will see take place very soon. I look forward to assisting you and your director on the path to greatness!
A dive into classroom culture where teachers are giving gems to gain the children's excitement, the parents interest and positive attention, and how to perform in their roles in the childcare center.

Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips is often referred to as the sparkly childcare insurance expert. She has gained a national reputation as an advocate for early childhood owners for being the first to educate educators on a topic that no one else ever has; business insurance for early childhood. It is her passion to help you understand the coverages your business needs and why, so that you can make smart choices on behalf of yourself, your business, your team, and the littles in your care. Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Operations Management
Insurance companies are using licensing inspections and violations to determine if the child care center you work at is worth insuring or not. In this course, find out how everyone on the front line from teachers, floaters and aides have a direct impact on compliance and why the whole team should care about its overall effect on the center's insurance.

Child Care Insurance Agent

COO + Founder of Conscious Classroom Certification

Summer Picha

Summer Picha is a Minneapolis/Twin Cities-based business expansion consultant specializing in mission driven female leadership and the founder of Grit & Grace Lifestyle. As a best-selling author and speaker, she supports businesses to get to the next level of their growth journey. Renowned for her innovative yet tenacious problem-solving approach, Summer draws from her experience co-founding and selling a multi-campus early education company for $4.3M. Now dedicated to assisting fellow entrepreneurs in maximizing their business’ and visions, she brings a unique perspective to business challenges.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Professional Development and Leadership

Learn the ins and outs of conflict resolution and working with your team through all their different phases

Prerna Richards

Prerna Richards is a Keynote, international, national speaker, behavior coach and NAEYC consultant. She has been in the early childhood education field for the past 38 years. The majority of her experience was in NAEYC accredited programs. She is a registered master level trainer with the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System. Five years ago, she started her own consulting business, Together We Grow providing professional development, coaching, and consulting for educators. She believes every child is born capable and intelligent and deserves the best start in life, this starts with the teachers being trained in the latest research on child growth and development. Her educational philosophy is grounded in a play-based approach along with a strong social-emotional foundation. She is the winner of Susan Hargrave trainer of the year award from TXAEYC in 2020.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Child Growth and Development; Learning Environments; Responsive Interactions and Guidance

Are you a preschool educator struggling with a chaotic and noisy classroom environment? Join our session to discover how to turn your classroom from chaos into a calm, focused, and engaging learning space. Learn valuable techniques to become a “periscope” instead of a “submarine,” ensuring you and your little learners navigate the preschool experience with confidence and ease. Explore practical strategies to engage children, teach them effective communication skills, and create a harmonious atmosphere where screaming, hitting, and disarray are replaced by a peaceful and productive learning environment. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your teaching experience and positively impact the lives of your students.

Ruth Ann Rose

With over 15 years of experience in executing hyper-local marketing plans for childcare and early learning centers, Ruth Ann is a seasoned professional in the industry. As the CEO and Founder of Rose Marketing Solutions, Ruth Ann enjoys working closely with entrepreneurs to educate, create, employ, and measure ROI for successful marketing strategies that provide peace of mind. Her expertise in the field allows her to provide valuable insights and customized solutions for each of her clients.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Business Structure

The world is turning digital, and adapting your childcare business online can be overwhelming! Here, you’ll learn key strategies to help you maximize your online presence & boost your enrollment.

Sierra Rossing

Sierra Rossing is a passionate and results-oriented growth marketer with over 5 years of experience in the B2B SaaS industry. She holds a bachelor's degree in business communications and is pursuing an MBA in Business. She is currently the Head of Marketing at LineLeader, the leading unified platform for the childcare industry with a CRM, CMS, and engagement app.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization; Human Resource Leadership; Professional Development and Leadership

In this presentation, we'll explore the secrets to building a workplace culture that makes your staff want to stick around! We'll kick things off by sharing some valuable tips on how to hire top-notch employees, and we'll emphasize the importance of not just technical skills, but also the soft skills that can make all the difference in creating a happy and productive team. We'll then dive into the power of open communication and how it can help foster a sense of belonging and engagement among your staff. Plus, we'll show you how regularly asking the right questions can be a game-changer in your employee retention strategy. Lastly, we'll talk about building credibility with your team by offering supportive tools and resources. This not only boosts morale but also shows your commitment to your employees' well-being, making your organization a place where everyone wants to be. Let's transform your workplace into a space where your staff not only want to stay but thrive!

Sara Schreiner

Sara Schreiner stands out as a dynamic female entrepreneur and a source of inspiration across various industries. With her unique blend of experience in childcare business ownership and innovative leadership, Sara brings an empowering perspective to entrepreneurship. Known for her bold, direct approach, she tackles topics like client care, leadership, and maintaining a work-life harmony with refreshing honesty. As a speaker, Sara captivates audiences with her passion and practical wisdom, encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to lead with courage and creativity. Her message transcends industry boundaries, making her a sought-after voice for professionals seeking transformative insights and real-world strategies.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Business Structure; Child Growth and Development; Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization; Human Resource Leadership; Operational Efficiency; Operations Management; Professional Development and Leadership

In ‘Rumor Has It: Rethinking Gossip in the Workplace,' Sara Schreiner takes a bold dive into the misunderstood world of workplace gossip. This presentation challenges conventional perceptions, revealing how gossip, often seen as a disruptive force, can be transformed into a powerful tool for building unity, enhancing communication, and fostering a positive workplace culture. Sara combines her unique insights with real-world examples and practical strategies, guiding attendees on how to harness the nuanced dynamics of gossip for organizational benefit. This session is an eye-opener for leaders and team members alike, offering a fresh perspective on navigating and leveraging one of the most underrated aspects of workplace communication.

Rachel Supalla M. Ed.

Rachel Supalla, a renowned Early Childhood Business Expert, brings over a quarter-century of expertise as a Consultant, Trainer, Author, and Multi-site Child Care Center Owner. She launched Discovery KidZone in 2009, creating a legacy through her three distinct brands. Her impressive accolades include the Innovative Business of the Year, Top 20 Business Leaders Under 40, Best Daycare and Preschool in Helena, and Best Businessperson of the Year. Armed with a BA in Early Childhood and a Master’s in Early Childhood Administration, Rachel is not just an academic authority but also a certified professional development specialist. Her forte lies in brain-based creative teaching and playful leadership development. She is renowned for injecting MAGIC back into classrooms with her innovative systems of accountability and has crafted a comprehensive early childhood curriculum catering to infants through school-aged children. Moreover, Rachel is celebrated for her Practically Perfect Performance™ course. This highly acclaimed program guides entrepreneurs and business owners in optimizing their operations and team performance through customized scorecards. Beyond her business acumen, Rachel is deeply committed to mentoring and coaching in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) sector. As the driving force behind Vision Tree Leadership, she assists childcare leaders globally in discovering their vision and cultivating empowered teams. She extends her influence through speaking engagements, presentations, consulting, and training, disseminating crucial insights into early childhood education. Additionally, she champions ECE initiatives by authoring grants, advocating for enhanced educational frameworks. Originally from California, Rachel now resides in Montana with her husband and their four teenage children. Her international recognition as a keynote speaker is a testament to her passion and dedication to revolutionizing the landscape of early childhood education and business leadership.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Business Structure; Child Growth and Development; Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization; Human Resource Leadership; Learning Environments; Operational Efficiency; Operations Management; Professional Development and Leadership; Responsive Interactions and Guidance

Join us for an enlightening online presentation that unveils the transformative power of mentorship within your organization. “Middle Bench Mastery” isn’t just a strategy—it’s the missing piece to achieving unparalleled business success, enhancing employee retention, and boosting your company culture. In this dynamic session, we delve into the concept of the ‘Middle Bench'—the core group of your team with untapped potential waiting to be harnessed. Discover how to identify and empower these individuals through targeted mentorship programs that are the cornerstone of organizational resilience and adaptability.

Founder and CEO Vision Tree Leadership and Discovery Schools

Scott Wayman

Scott Wayman is the Founder and CEO of Kangarootime, the leading software for childcare centers. He designed Kangarootime to give childcare professionals the tools to scale their classrooms, automate their businesses and better communicate with the families they serve. When he’s not coming up with new ways to improve the world around him, he enjoys cycling, being a devoted husband, dog-lover, and prankster.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies -Business Structure; Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization; Operational Efficiency; Operations Management; Professional Development and Leadership

How do you empower your team to be resilient? Scott Wayman, Founder & CEO of Kangarootime, answers this question through his approach to leadership. By implementing Gratitude, Empathy, and Mindfulness (GEM) as outlined in “The Resilience Project” by Hugh van Cuylenburg, Scott has seen an overwhelmingly positive impact on his executive team, company culture, and personal life. In this session, Scott will share more about his leadership experience, the neuroscience of gratitude, and the effect a positive mindset has on team resilience.

Nick Williams

Nick and his wife Jenna have owned and operated child care programs for over 20 years; they’ve had their fair share of ups and downs and understand how hard it can be to keep that motivation going when times get tough. Eventually, they figured out how to grow and scale their business and wanted to help others around the world do the same. Back in 2017, they launched Childcare Business Growth and are now on a mission to help 10,000 child care providers not just survive but thrive in this new world that we find ourselves living in. Over the last few years, they have worked with thousands of child care professionals around the world to transform their businesses, helping hundreds of owners go from the verge of bankruptcy to having a highly profitable business that allows them to spend more time doing the things they love. Nick’s area of expertise centers on marketing, standing out from the competition and automating your business to help buy back your valuable time.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Business Structure; Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization; Operational Efficiency; Operations Management; Professional Development and Leadership

You've heard of ChatGPT and the AI Revolution? Now it's time to find out how Artificial Intelligence can support owners and managers in the childcare industry! 👶🤖 I know what you're thinking… we don't need robots looking after our children! 😲 And we agree! Nothing will replace the love and care a human can provide💕….. But what if you had more time to dedicate to the children? 🤔 What if you could get back to the reason you first started a childcare business? 💖 And spend more time doing things you love!

Chanie Wilschanski

Chanie Wilschanski is a trailblazer in school leadership, who has started a global conversation about building and sustaining schools of excellence while creating legacy. Chanie is the Host of the Schools of Excellence Podcast, an Early Childhood Leadership Coach, and the CEO and Founder of Schools of Excellence. Chanie has worked with hundreds of EC Directors and School Owners who are working to build a School of Excellence with higher staff retention, teacher motivation, parent partnership, and collaborative culture.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Professional Development and Leadership

The Confidence and Distress Tolerance Toolkit combines habits, practices and strategies that help you and your team envision, create and implement growth in your school even with chaos, uncertainty and ambiguity. In this training we'll dive into navigating distress, tolerating discomfort and how to build the confidence of our leadership teams.

Susan Wright

With over 30 years of teaching experience, Susan Wright is a highly regarded speaker and pedagogical leader in early childhood education. As the Founder of Nurtured Inspirations, the Nurtured Inspirations Community, and The Playful Child, Susan is an educational thought leader, consultant, mentor, and researcher deeply committed to fostering leadership and thinking partnerships. A member of recognized organizations, including the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), Ontario Reggio Association (ORA), National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), North American Reggio Emilia Alliance (NAREA), and the Florida Association for the Education of Young Children (FLAEYC), Susan is committed to her craft. Holding numerous Additional Qualifications, including Reading Specialist, Kindergarten Specialist, and Principal Certification through the Ontario Principals Council (OPC) and more, she continues to inspire educational leadership through pedagogical partnerships and lifelong learning. For over 32 years, Susan has collaborated with educators and parents to honour children's thinking, respecting each child's unique experience. As a keynote speaker, session leader, and engaging presenter, Susan facilitates, studies, and discusses children's learning, fostering pedagogical dialogue and enriching educational practices. As the founder of Nurtured Inspirations, Susan has created a global platform that empowers intellectual partnerships among educators, parents, educational thought leaders, directors, and those who nurture, guide, and inspire children in the early years. Having traveled and studied the Reggio Emilia Approach in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and through international and local collaborations in Canada, the United States, and Italy, Susan shares a rich body of experiences with partners and audiences around the world. Susan's commitment to celebrating and honoring the uniqueness of children, educators, and families is reflected in her ongoing research and educational engagements on local, provincial, state-wide, and global platforms. As a pedagogical leader, Susan shares her insights through reflective dialogue, contributing to the advancement of education worldwide. She welcomes invitations for collaborative partnerships, professional development, speaking sessions, keynote speaking, workshops, and other leadership opportunities to support the unique needs of educational and parent groups from around the world. Those wishing to join her community may visit community.nurturedinspirations.com.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Child Growth and Development; Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization; Human Resource Leadership; Learning Environments; Professional Development and Leadership; Responsive Interactions and Guidance

Title: Nurturing Leadership in Education: A Reggio Emilia-Informed Journey Description: Amidst the complexities of a post-pandemic world, educational professionals have faced unprecedented challenges, affecting various aspects of their lives. Yet, as advocates for children, we've emerged as resilient leaders, navigating personal and professional responsibilities. This session, titled “A Reggio Emilia-Informed Pathway to Cultivate a Culture of Pedagogical Leadership,” invites educators to rediscover their purpose, realign with their “why,” and envision new pathways that empower them as leaders. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, participants will explore leadership through the lenses of reciprocal relationships and the pedagogy of listening. We'll delve into the idea that leadership is deeply rooted in the pedagogy of our practice, shaping the growth and learning of children, families, fellow educational partners, and the local and global community. Engaging in thoughtful wondering and reflection, attendees will consider a refreshed culture fostering a leadership mindset among all educational professionals. Join us on this enriching journey to cultivate a culture of pedagogical leadership that extends its impact across various spheres of our professional landscape.

Nature Based Early Childhood Educator, Trainer & Consultant

April Zajko, M.Ed.

April Zajko, M.Ed. supports educators who want to bring nature into the heart of curriculum. With over 23 years of classroom experience combined with supporting educators from the last 13, April brings relevant content and an inspiring message into her professional development offerings. April offers educator trainings, keynote presentations, ECE college courses, and builds community through virtual professional development series that build a strong foundation in research based practices for nature based early childhood educators. April is also the moderator of the Facebook group, Nature Inspired Teacher, which is an engaged group of over 12,000 educators.

Generally Recognized ECE Core Competencies – Learning Environments; Professional Development and Leadership; Responsive Interactions and Guidance

Setting up an outdoor classroom can push people into analysis paralysis as you navigate the logistical challenges, from selecting suitable spaces to finding affordable design elements. Coordinating resources, planning for weather, and integrating curriculum seamlessly outdoors may seem daunting, but with proper guidance and strategies, educators can overcome these hurdles and create enriching outdoor learning experiences (even on a shoestring budget).