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Our Presenters are award-winning Early Education Professionals, Degreed Educators, Business Owners, Authors, Podcast Hosts, Strategists, and Registered Trainers.


28 Hours of Professional Development
$ 117
  • Director Track (14 Hours) + Teacher Track (14 Hours)
  • 28 Professional Development Hours 365/24/7 Access
  • Premium Bonus Content from our speakers ($10,000+ Value!)
  • Core Competencies Include:
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Program Planning + Development
  • Leadership + Support
  • Systems + Strategies
  • Human Relationships


14 Hours of Professional Development
$ 57
  • 14 Professional Development Hours 365/24/7 Access
  • Core Competencies Include:
  • Child Growth + Development
  • Behavior Strategies
  • Curriculum and Standards
  • Personal and Professional
  • Planning Framework

Why would you want all of the goodness in The VIP Vault?

When you invest in The VIP Vault, you're gaining year-long access to 28 actionable presentations from industry leading experts, well versed in building brands and promoting profitable childcare businesses while juggling the demands of leading a team and nurturing children. Add it all up, and you would spend thousands to attend in-person events with these speakers…and that doesn't even include all of the valuable content they have shared to The VIP Vault!

When you unlock the Vault you can "earn your learning" in the Summit presentations:

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Watch or listen on the go – just like a podcast!

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Capture all the “ah-ha” moments and enjoy unlimited replays throughout the year!

-Trade Your Time for TRAINING HOURS

-Level up in Life + Leadership

-Gain 365/24/7 Access to the Vault



VIP Bonuses for Owners + Directors

“Earn Your Learning” with 28 Hours of Professional Development PLUS gain access to over $10,000 in bonuses and prizes!

1 Professional Development with Mr. Ty, The Childcare Whisperer

Up to 2 hours with Mr. Ty, The Childcare Whisperer as he pours into center team members, providing gems on a variety of classroom and employment topics. Can be done in-person or virtually. (In-person service does not include the cost of travel and lodging. Winner must pay travel and lodging)

$2,000 Value

1:1 Coaching Program for Teachers

1:1 coaching will help teachers go from feeling lost, unsure of their teaching abilities, and overwhelmed to being confident in themselves and in their teaching abilities.

$1,200 Value

Together We Grow live behavior coaching!

Invest in your early childhood program's success with group coaching sessions. Designed for your dedicated “A” team members, such as assistant directors, directors, education coordinators, managers, mentor teachers, and coaches, these live sessions provide personalized support. Enhance staff engagement, motivation, and retention through individualized coaching, making your program an employer of choice that values professional growth and commitment.

$1,000 Value

Seat to Conscious Leadership Camp

A six (6) week leadership bootcamp with tips, tricks, and perspective shifts that will transform your day, free up your time, and relieve you of stress

$997 Value

30-50% OFF!

Unlock the full potential of your childcare leadership with ChildMYnder's MasterMYnd program, now available in exclusive VIP offers. Choose our 6-month membership for a focused growth sprint at just $525, saving $225, or embrace a transformative year with the 12-month plan, offering a comprehensive journey for only $750, a remarkable saving of $750. Both memberships include bi-monthly MasterMYnd group calls, a rich array of workbooks, checklists, and resources, quarterly personalized consultations, over 20+ MT ECE hours per year, and access to a vibrant community of professionals. Whether you opt for a half-year boost or a full-year immersion, these special packages are tailored to elevate your skills, expand your network, and enhance your childcare business like never before.”

$225-$750 Value

One hour Zoom training for school staff

Mar. will do a one-hour, Zoom training on “Building Brains with Music” with your entire staff. This will build upon what was presented in the leaders lounge. Mar. will be accessible for Q&A

$500 Value

$400 Off Certification

Save $400 when you register in Learn to Lead – A Step-By-Step Group Coaching + Leadership Certification Program for Early Education Leaders Who Are Ready to Gain Confidence in Leading Your School, Your Staff, and Your Self.

$400 Value

Free One on One Coaching Call for One Hour

Enjoy a free one hour one on one coaching session with leadership expert & founder of Impact Early Education, Dr. Teri DeLucca. We will identify strengths and opportunities in your school, examine your school culture, and together identify short and long term goals and solutions.

$350 Value

Custom Video with 3 Action Items To Improve Your Online Presence.

We will do a deep dive on your online presence and provide you with key strategies to improve your center! This will include a personal video specific to your situation and actionable items you can take advantage of now!

$300 Value

Insurance Coverage Analysis by an Industry Expert & Niche Agent

Are your insurance policies written to protect you the way you “think” they will when tragedy strikes? Don't be like so many owners who find out the hard way that their policy was not as inclusive as they thought it was. An insurance coverage analysis by an industry expert is the first step to making sure your business is properly protected. This analysis is used to educate you about claim scenarios your policies would and wouldn't cover to help you identify where you're exposed allowing you to make changes to close potential coverage gaps in your program's insurance plan.

$267 Value

Building Bridges, Shaping Futures: Leading Across Generations in Early Childhood

Join Monica for a live session for leaders (via Zoom). One of the greatest challenges of the last couple of years has been recruiting and retaining high-quality staff. We've encountered terms like “quiet quitting” and the “great resignation” and have watched our own revolving doors in our programs. As leaders, we must consider the strengths and weaknesses as well as the preferences and priorities of each generation as we are building a successful, long-term team. Gather some practical ideas in this session into how you can build a cooperative, collaborative inter-generational team that will showcase the Image of God to the world around you. A certificate of attendance will be offered. Registration is required. Replay will be available for 30 days.

$250 Value

Purpose Inspired Education Village Membership

Membership in Purpose Inspired Education, a group of innovative educators upleveling the quality of our schools, grounded in what actually matters most. Membership includes group coaching and training through the end of January, 2024.

$200 Value

Leaders Lounge Special Offer

Sign up for 1Place and get $200 off our regular implementation when you activate this offer by March 1, 2024.

$200 Value

1 Month Access to ECE MASTERY

The Global affordable coaching program for Early Childhood Educators! Do you want to learn from 60 + GLOBAL experts and coaches all while receiving valuable resources and templates to help you grow your child care business? Plus LIVE weekly training as well as on demand content? YOU WILL NOW GET 1 MONTHS FREE ACCESS TO – 60+ Global Coaches – LIVE weekly training sessions – App with EXCLUSIVE content – Q&A sessions from expert coaches – Private Members Community – Supplier network DISCOUNTS – Quarterly physical magazine – DISCOUNTED access to all CBG events and products To take advantage as this – use ‘Leaders Lounge' as your business name to join our community!

$197 Value

Create Your Classoom Vision & Put It In ACTION!

Classroom Vision is critical to leading your early education classroom. This will help you manage the teachers you work with, create the environment you want, and grow as a leader in your role. This workshop comes with a video, workbook, and all the resources and templates to create your classroom vision.

$197 Value

$150 gift voucher for Practically Perfect Performance Course

In the dynamic world of leadership, the path to scaling your operations while achieving leadership mastery and freedom often feels elusive. “Mastering Metrics: KPIs Unleashed for Practically Perfect Performance” is a transformative 9 module course crafted specifically for leaders and owners eager to redefine success through enhanced systems of accountability.

$150 Value

Back to School Workshop + a copy of God's Promises as Waves

There are two parts to the Back to School Workshop: 1. Intelligences– or exploring how students are wired (based on multiple intelligence theory) 2. Self-regulation– or establishing healthy study habits (based on self-regulated learning theory) This workshop was taught to a group of students, but is revolutionary to any educator or parent. God's Promises as Waves is a children's Bible study to help kids learn and practice steps to having strong minds through God's Word.

$110 Value

$100 off of a School License of Why We Play Letters

Create a consistent message to parents throughout your learning community. Get the full set of Why We Play letters to be used by your entire teaching team. Contact amanda@notjustcute.com for your custom quote. Mention Leaders Lounge for $100 off of a school license.

$100 Value

$100 off Kangarootime's Software

Get $100 off of your first month with Kangarootime! Schedule a demo to get started and take advantage of this deal. Simply mention Leader's Lounge in your meeting and your sales associate will apply your discount.

$100 Value

Diving into Documentation ~ Nurturing Your Journey Alongside Children

Whether you're starting out as a newbie with documentation or you've been using it for years, this course is designed to help you deepen your skills in documenting children. Specially discounted for participants in the Leaders Lounge, you'll discover fresh perspectives, practices, and everyday strategies to enhance your professional practice in early childhood education. This on-demand virtual course experience not only shares pedagogical theory about Diving Into Documentation: Nurturing Your Journey Alongside Children, but it also shares practical and actionable steps to bringing this critical practice to life in your space alongside children. It shares inspiring stories, pedagogical documentation from the field, and meaningful reflections about the value and importance of making children’s thinking come to life through pedagogical documentation. With its universal appeal, many people tell us that Diving Into Documentation: Nurturing Your Journey Alongside Children aligns beautifully with their own beliefs and philosophy of pedagogical documentation, building relationships, uncovering, honouring, and celebrating the ideas, thinking, and voices of children. We hope it inspires you to continue to share your nourishing gifts with children each and every day.

This course will be available for viewing until March 31, 2024.

$150 Value

Elevate Your Leadership: Receive A FREE 30-Day Director's Club Membership!

Unlock an exclusive 30-day all-access pass to our Director's Club and experience a transformation in your child care center leadership. Gain access to: 📅 Live Zoom Meetings: Mastermind, problem-solve, gather resources, and learn while having fun with industry experts and peers. 🎓 On-Demand Portal: Dive into a treasure trove of trainings, templates, and resources at your own pace. 👥 Mentorship Community: Connect with our mentor team through a private Facebook group for invaluable support. This is your chance to supercharge your child care center leadership journey. Workshops, Mastermind, Collaboration, and Community! We're going to have a blast together!

$77 Value

The Canva Educator Bundle

The Canva Educator Bundle is a comprehensive resource designed to empower early childhood educators in their planning and documentation efforts. With a wide range of fully customizable templates, tutorials, and tools, it simplifies the process of creating engaging learning materials and documenting children's progress. Whether you're a seasoned educator or just starting your journey, this bundle offers a user-friendly approach to elevate your teaching practice and save you valuable time.

$19 Value


Advanced Child Care Business Strategies is the most advanced child care business book on the market today, receive a free copy by clicking on the link below.

$10 Value