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More VIP Vault Value

In addition to the certificates for the 20 training hours, our generous speakers are sharing even more gifts with you.

Facebook Funnel

Facebook advertising allows for targeting a collection of individuals and allows the best ratio of controlled target audience reach to dollar spend. This systemic tool walks you through the entire process.

$1,167 Value

Work-Life Balance Audit

You can't pour from an empty cup and it is okay for you as the Owner/Director to have time off whenever you need it, and to ensure a balance of work and life. Ashley's Work-Life Balance engine allows you to breathe and have a peace of mind when you are not at your program.

$297 Value

Maximize Your Profit + Pay Yourself

You started your own business to do something you love and make money. But how much should you pay yourself? Too little and you may struggle to survive. Too much and your business might be at risk. So how do you strike the right balance? This course will walk you through maximizing your profits so you can pay yourself.

$297 Value

Canva Brand Kit Course

CREATE YOUR CANVA BRAND KIT IN 5 DAYS: Learn how to use Canva to create consistently on-brand graphics! Small business owners will get 5 days of free video lessons, daily action steps and quick wins. In this FREE mini course, you can expect daily bite sized videos in your inbox that will show you exactly how to setup your brand kit in Canva in 5 days and how to pull it all together in order to create graphics that always look brand consistent, not cookie cutter.

$197 Value

Customized Cash Flow Projection Template

You need to understand Financial Forecasting in these uncertain times. This spreadsheet allows you to project your cashflow so you can retain your profitability.

$197 Value

Leader to Leader Work Group Session

You are invited to join in a workgroup session where Vernon moderates in an interactive platform of early childhood leaders. You'll share your challenges, learn of new opportunities, and embrace solutions.

$197 Value

Childcare Business Professionals Membership-1st Month Free

As a member of our Mastermind program, you will have access to all training classes offered by Child Care Business Professionals. You will receive weekly guided, group coaching which will include instruction on how to structure your program.

$197 Value

Managing Mental Health Bonus Resource Bundle

  • School Reentry Considerations: Supporting Student Social and Emotional Learning and Mental and Behavioral Health Amidst COVID-19 from the National Association of School Psychologists

  • Social Emotional Learning Guidance to Reopen and Renew your School Community from CASEL
  • Planning for Transitioning Back to School from the Center for Mental Health in Schools (University of Maryland)
  • Building Positive Conditions for Learning at Home from the American Institute of Research
  • Resources for Supporting Children During Crisis from Turnaround for Children
  • Trauma-Informed School Strategies from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network
  • Culturally Sensitive Trauma-Informed Care from the Health Care Toolbox

  • Strategies for Trauma-Informed Distance Learning from WestEd

  • Supporting Mindfulness in Learning from WestEd

  • Supporting Families with PBIS at Home from the Center on Positive Behavior Intervention

  • School Counseling During COVID-19 from the American School Counselor Association
  • Resources to Support Social Emotional Learning from the Comprehensive Center Network

$157 Value

Advancing Humanity Bonus Teaching/Podcast

With over 50% of our nation’s children having faced serious traumas and over 33% having at least one Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) (CDC, 2017), it is clear that leaders absolutely need to prioritize this mental health initiative. This special podcast from “Advancing Humanity” dives deeply into the issues of trauma in early childhood and the implications of it continuing to be ignored. Charle speaks with expert Martin Dearlove who has extensive knowledge of childhood trauma with a critical lens with schools in mind. He wholeheartedly agrees that we should be making massive shifts to better support our nation’s children. Martin uses his child protection background to help children through advocacy on a global scale while promoting a trauma-informed approach, and currently, he is working towards International Human and Children's Rights via edX – “A VOICE for CHILDREN”. A rich discussion of the dire need for trauma-informed programs across all age groups provides depth for listeners to extend the learning from Charle’s presentation. Leaders will undoubtedly be compelled to take action after hearing this bonus episode as it caters to their unique positionality that can ignite change for a thriving future.

$97 Value

Done-for-You Social Media Calendar

Stop struggling about what and when to post so you won't be in panic mode looking for something to push out to your Facebook fans — you already took care of that last week! This social media planner will get you organized and free up your time to focus on the main thing!

$57 Value

Trello Board Template: Onboarding New Employees

Do you know all about this greatness of Trello®? Trello ® is a FREE online project management tool. If you are determined to streamline and organize the business side of your school, this awesome template will help you organize and streamline our On-Boarding Process. It is totally free and totally easy to navigate – yes – even if you are non-techy!

$57 Value

3 Classes to Get Your Kids Moving

Get your kids moving with this special bonus from Stretch-n-Grow! Engage your kids, Excite your parents and Enhance your curriculum with these THREE on demand classes – plus spotify playlists and extra bonus material that will get your kids active in the classroom.

$227 Value

Embracing Hope through Resilience and Compassion Reflection Journal

To compliment her workshop, Cori Berg created a one-month reflection journal just for you. It's four weeks, a page a day, to refocus your thoughts and get you back on track. You already know how to keep putting one foot in front of the next. Let's find your hope again for a better tomorrow.

$27 Value

50% Discount on Conference

VIP Vault Members receive an automatic 50% discount on The Child Care Professional’s Faith Conference.

$20 Value