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Our Presenters are award-winning Early Education Professionals, Degreed Educators, Business Owners, Authors, Podcast Hosts, Strategists, and Registered Trainers.


27 Hours of Professional Development
$ 117
  • Director Track (14 Hours) + Teacher Track (13 Hours)
  • 27 Professional Development Hours 365/24/7 Access
  • Premium Bonus Content from our speakers ($8,000+ Value!)
  • Core Competencies Include:
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Program Planning + Development
  • Leadership + Support
  • Systems + Strategies
  • Human Relationships


13 Hours of Professional Development
$ 57
  • 13 Professional Development Hours 365/24/7 Access
  • Core Competencies Include:
  • Child Growth + Development
  • Behavior Strategies
  • Curriculum and Standards
  • Personal and Professional
  • Planning Framework

Why would you want all of the goodness in The VIP Vault?

When you invest in The VIP Vault, you're gaining year-long access to 27 actionable presentations from industry leading experts, well versed in building brands and promoting profitable childcare businesses while juggling the demands of leading a team and nurturing children. Add it all up, and you would spend thousands to attend in-person events with these speakers…and that doesn't even include all of the valuable content they have shared to The VIP Vault!

When you unlock the Vault you can "earn your learning" in the Summit presentations:

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Watch or listen on the go – just like a podcast!

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Capture all the “ah-ha” moments and enjoy unlimited replays throughout the year!

-Trade Your Time for TRAINING HOURS

-Level up in Life + Leadership

-Gain 365/24/7 Access to the Vault



VIP Bonuses for Owners + Directors

“Earn Your Learning” with 27 Hours of Professional Development PLUS gain access to over $9,000 in bonuses and prizes!

ECE & Childcare Accreditation Complimentary Intensive

Talk and get personally acquainted with a National Accreditation Specialist to get you a good jumpstart on your program's journey to a successful National Accreditation!

$2,500 Value

The Confident ECE

The Confident ECE is a mentorship program that supports and mentors early childhood teachers inside the classroom. The Confident ECE is where teachers develop their own teaching process and understand how to meet their students' needs so that they feel confident and self-sufficient in their ability to run their own classroom.

$997 Value

1 hour intensive plus a BONUS 30-minute discovery call

Educators can book two calls with me: ONE 1-hour intensive about one of three topics: 1. Becoming an ECE entrepreneur 2. Advocacy in the field 3. A topic of his/her choice in addition to a 30-minute discovery call where I will dive deep into what coaching with me will look like. Let's create some magic together!

$777 Value

Stand Out Early Childhood

A self-paced crash course to help you create a customized roadmap to communicate and implement your unique vision for learning and care – overcoming the many challenges our field faces – increasing enrollment, attracting and inspiring ideal staff, and making a much bigger impact for your students and even in the broader field

$760 Value

DAP Masterclass

LIVE Masterclass on Developmentally Appropriate Practice! Demystify DAP: Learn how to define DAP simply and in a way you can apply clearly. Learn What's at Stake: Why not try to get children to do a little more a little sooner? We'll discuss what's really at stake. Build Advocacy: Learn the facts that will help you correct misguided assumptions and stand up for children and childhood. Q&A: Stay after the Masterclass for a Q&A with Amanda Morgan. Limited Recording Available: If you aren't able to come live, you will be sent a recording that will be available for a limited time.

$500 Value

One month group online coaching (once a week)

Research tells us that the implementation rate after one professional development session is only 25 % but with individualized coaching and mentioning it is up to 80%. If you are facing increased challenging behavior's in your classrooms or program you will benefit from this individualized and personalized support that can set up the children, teachers and administrators for success! This is a “game changer” program with 100% success rate so far with the programs I have supported!

$500 Value

1 hour Free Vision Strategy Session

Do you want to have a more playful work environment but you feel stuck? This 1 hour vision strategy session with Rachel Supalla will help you see all the possibilities for your business and beyond.

$500 Value

Conscious Leadership Camp 50% Discount

Conscious Leadership Camp is a 6 week bootcamp for owners and/or directors that covers mindset, communication, systems, training skills, and SO much more.

$499 Value

The Retention Recipe: Hire and Retain Your Next Great Teacher

Hiring is the biggest thorn in our side right now and you have NO TIME! The Retention Recipe is a done for you or make it your own finding and keeping your next great teacher system. Implement all or some of the tools here to save you time AND find tried and true practices that we're using at our child care center today!

$397 Value

Buy One Get One Free on Our Orlando 2 Day Conference

Childcare Business Growth LIVE is BACK, and we’re so excited to officially invite you to come and experience this 2-Day transformational event for yourself AND BRING A GUEST WITH YOU FOR FREE! This is not some typical “conference”, where you listen to some boring speakers. Get ready for 2 full days in a FUN, motivational, action-taking environment, where everyone gathers from across the USA with the same goal in mind… To GROW your child care business. As an ALL-ACCESS VIP we are giving you the massive saving of $397 by giving you a BOGOF offer!!

$397 Value

Group Coaching Program

The Exclusive, 12-week Intensive Group Experience for ECE Leaders, Stuck to Strategy Academy® is a group coaching program and the only implementation program of its kind designed to create a community to engage, equip and empower owners and directors with strategies, systems and support.

It’s not your average group coaching program – it’s a GUIDED EXPERIENCE, focused on providing you with business leadership tools that lead to true transformation for you and your team inside a community of like-minded, faith-filled, values-driven early education leaders.

$250 Value

1 Hour Training - Boys In The Classroom

You'll receive access to a live training session – Boys In The Classroom. Most of the ECE workforce is women so we naturally do things in a way that will work with girls. What about all those boys in our midst? Monica is passionate about providing what boys need in the classroom (HINT: It's also all good for the girls in our midst)! This one-hour session will include training, tips and tricks and a great downloadable resource for you to share with your team.

$250 Value

$200 off 1Place set up costs

Sign up with 1Place before April 1, 2023 and get $200 off your set up costs. Complete the form to secure your offer.

$200 Value


Coupon for one free class + a custom proposal for your center. Find a Stretch-n-Grow franchisee near you by visiting Stretch-n-Grow.com/ECE

$150 Value

Music with Mar. Zoom Concert

A half hour zoom concert for your class. (This can be live if Mar. is in your area.) Your children will have fun singing and dancing with Mar. and Mr. Froggy.

$150 Value

50% of Academy subscription

With your HiMama Academy subscription, you'll get access to our full library of courses, webinars and downloadables, including over a hundred hours of high-quality, video-based courses that are research-based and designed by industry experts.

$120 Value

ChildCare Business Summit Coupon Code

Join Evelyn Knight and the ChildCare Business Professionals team in Houston, TX area June 8-10, for the ChildCare Business Summit!

$100 Value

$100 off a ticket to Kangarootime's Bounce Conference

Kangarootime will be hosting its second conference in Buffalo, NY in July 2023. Get $100 off your ticket and come join the fun while learning from incredible ECE leaders.

$100 Value

Scripts workbook

How we say something, with our choice of language, our choice of words, our body language, our intention, and the environment we set, make all the difference to sustaining a school of excellence. The Scripts Workbook is 37 Pages of Scripts, created from 15 years of experience working in schools and with EC leaders- designed to navigate difficult conversations in a way that builds a great culture. Some scripts are Talking points to invite collaboration Questions to hold your admin team accountable How to invite a veteran teacher to change and grow How to encourage more confidence in a teacher talking points for a parent who doesn't follow school policy ….and so many more! Each script is designed with either the emails script, phone script, or in-person script so you can enter the conversation with confidence and trust your decision-making.

$97 Value

The Confident Educator Course

The Confident Educator Course is your roadmap to confidently educating with creativity and connection. It is a comprehensive online program that is YOUR path to building a reflective practice of intention and meaning grounded in child development theory. A course that will guide & support you to confidently educating, nurturing and learning alongside the children. Includes: The Confident Educator 6 Module Course Unlimited access 15 hours of PD 6 Reflection Guides 20+ Downloadable Resources Private Community

$99 CAD Value

Circle Time Games Alphabet Bundle

This bundle of 15 fun and engaging circle time alphabet games will help your little learners practice letter recognition and identification!

$37 Value

Free Book Offer

We will ship you a copy of our latest book, Advanced Child Care Business Strategies: Secrets to Profitability, Expansion, and Wealth Creation. (US Customers Only)

$1,000,000 Value

1,001 Child Care Recruitment and Enrollment Strategies

The team at Child Care Biz Help is honored to share a compilation of ideas to help child care centers get noticed as they target both candidates to recruit and families to enroll. We hope our ideas help relieve some of the pressures you’re feeling and all you are juggling.

$20 Value